Call Us:

During store hours, Worldtone staff is available to speak directly with by calling your local store.  For out-of-state clients,  you are always welcome to call either location, but we recommend that you call the store closer to your location since that is likely where the products will be shipped from so they will know if what you want is stock or will need to ship from an alternate location.


TOLL FREE : 866-WT-DANCE   (866-983-2623)
LOCAL:   212-691-1934, press extension 4 for customer service


TOLL FREE - 866-WTD-SHOE(S)  (866-983-7463)
LOCAL - 310-234-9100, press extension 4 for customer service


Chat with Us on our Website:

You can chat with us directly through our website by CLICKING HERE OR using the chat box in the BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER of every page on our website.
    • This is especially helpful since you can browse our catalog while you chat with us.
    • The chat box will ask for your name, phone number and some general questions to help us help you.  We do NOT sell your personal information to anyone.
    • Our web chat is available at the following hours:
      • Tues thru Fri:   12:00Noon - 9:00PM ET/9:00AM - 6:00PM PT
      • Saturdays:       12:00Noon - 7:00PM ET/9:00AM - 4:00PM PT
All other times, you can still leave a message, and we will do our best to reach out to you within 24 hours.

Text Us @ 1-929-333-4WTD

    • If it is not convenient to use our web chat, Worldtone staff can also be reached at our dedicated texting number: 929-333-4WTD (which is: 929-333-4983). 
        • WORK HOURS:  We will try to respond to you within minutes when texting us during work hours.
        • AFTERHOURS: Various members of our team try to monitor this TEXTLINE -- and we will try to respond to you within minutes during work hours and within a few hours even when we are closed. 
        • We CANNOT reply to INTERNATIONAL phone numbers from this texting number. For clients with non-United States phone numbers, it is best to reach us by our web chat instead. Keep in mind we DO NOT offer shipping outside the United States for retail clients.
          • PLEASE do NOT CALL this number.  
            The calls go to a computer and do not connect to us consistently and when they do -- the sound quality is generally bad.  
            To speak on the phone with Worldtone staff, please call one of the numbers listed above in the "Call Us" section.

        Email Us:

              • If it is more convenient for you to email us, we can be reached at  
                We will respond as soon as possible during business hours (and by Tuesday afternoon if you wrote to us during our weekend).