12.5 US Womens
10.5 US Mens
Available by Special Order
Kelaci:  Godiva Chic Bootie: Tan Multi Shimmer Suede | FullDrop 3.5" Baelfire | ADJ


Godiva Chic Bootie – 3.5" Baelfire Heel

Tan Multi Shimmer

Full 3.5" drop.  

Sample shoe in US womens 12.5 equivalent to US mens 10.5

(We have been told that it may actually fit more like women's 13 and men's 11)

Can we special ordered in this material or other materials in other sizes.

$50 surcharge for special orders that need to be made.

This product is only available in the indicated sizes, and certain sizes may have already sold.

Size :

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