Pro Series Fishnet Tights

Nude #2: CHESTNUT S-65
Available in SM, M/T and XL

About CAPEZIO's 3000 Series of Fishnet Tights:  

  • The Capezio 3000 series of fishnet tights are the industry standard for professional fishnets and the first choice for dancers, choreographers, and costume designers who need quality SEAMLESS fishnet tights that are made to last for multiple performances.   

  • No panties; only continuous SEAMLESS fishnet from a  solid nylon footpad to the 1" elasticized waistband.
  • Available in Pure Black as well as 9 different shades of nude listed below from darkest to lightest shade of nude 
  • 1) Java  (darkest nude)
  • 2) Chestnut
  • 3) Maple
  • 4) Toffee  
  • 5) Light Suntan
  • 6) Toasted Almond
  • 7) Caramel
  • 8) Porcelain
  • 9) Shortbread (lightest nude)
  • Made of 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex  NOT dyeable.
  • Recommended care: hand wash cold and hang dry

NO RETURN / NO EXCHANGES for tights or dancewear with attached undergarments.

Size :

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